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Virginia Beach residents deserve a government as great as our people. I'm running for City Council so real people have the chance to start building a better Virginia Beach.



Our Campaign

After my heart attack in 2017, I had a lot of time to reflect. I realized that I wanted to dedicate my time to making this community a better place to live; for me, for my children, and for everyone who lives in Virginia Beach. I know that together, we can make an impact.

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Community Issues

The conventional approach isn’t working anymore and I’m not a conventional candidate.  I grew up in Kempsville and graduated from Kempsville High, William and Mary and Regent University.  I took over my mom’s family business, Sandy’s Touch of Gold, and grew it as David Nygaard Fine Jewelers from 1 to 7 stores and one of the largest independent jewelry chains in the country.  I was named Virginia Business Success Story of the Year, by Virginia Business Magazine, Hampton Roads Business of the Year by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, and Best Places to Work by Inside Business Magazine.  In 2008 when the great recession hit, Wachovia went bankrupt and took me along, and I lost everything, my business, my home and ultimately my marriage.  I understand the pain of business failure, the cost to families, and what it takes to start over.  I was able to rebuild my business over the next 10 years and was cited for Entrepreneurial Excellence by Inside Business. I have taught Entrepreneurship at Chowan University and been involved in several University Entrepreneurship centers locally. I am a single father of six kids, who coached Baseball at Great Neck Baseball League, and I take care of my 84 father, a career Navy Veteran who retired as a Captain in Virginia Beach and helped found Mancon locally.  I understand the struggles families have in managing multi-generational households, health care, and financial challenges and I’m the only candidate to walk this path.   


Job Creation



Brain Drain- we are losing our young people because we are not offering them viable careers locally.   Job creation in Hampton Roads is comparable to Detroit and that’s just not good enough. We have the one of the greatest high tech industries located right here, with highly trained engineers, experts in cyber security robotics, and logistics, and when they leave the Navy they leave the area instead of staying.  We need to tap this resource and find ways to incentivize them to stay.

Public Safety



Virginia Beach should be the safest city for women.  We need to make sure our First Responders are fully staffed, paid well, equipped well and supported well. When we consider large commercial developments we should also consider the impact those kinds of events have on human trafficking and other crime. 



In 4 years

We can accelerate solving this problem, by prioritizing just 4% of our annual budget over 4 years- and we can catch up on years of neglect, the destructions of property values, and our neighborhoods.


Our Plan

Things aren’t working. Our city is overtaken by flooding, our jobs aren't keeping our kids here, and our government officials are profiting off their votes. Enough is enough. It's time for a change in city leadership, and it's time to start making government work for our community. 



I will lobby our state and federal representatives to find state and federal money so that we can reduce the 4% to two or three percent, while remaining on a 4 year time line.  Currently the time line calls for only about 40% of funding over 15 years.

Job growth

We must diversify our economy and stop the “brain drain” - our youth leaving the area after they receive their education -  by taking advantage of high tech opportunities with the high speed data hubs coming into Virginia Beach.  

Domestic violence

I will draft city policy to direct the commonwealth’s attorney find representation for victims in domestic violence cases, because a victim should never have to prosecute their own case while their abuser can be represented by a public defender.


My opponent has enriched himself at the expense of Virginia Beach residents. Council members should not enrich themselves through their votes on city council.  They should abstain and step away from projects where they have a personal financial interest.


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